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Tag Archives: Dental

Finding The Right Dentist Bags For You!

dentist bagsBeing a dentist or dental assistant can’t be an easy job. You see tons of people a day and help people get pearly whites, but you can’t go home with them to make sure they’re brushing twice a day. That’s why you give out dentist bags! Toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and more all conveniently packaged for people to take home.

Dentist bags can be as simple or as intricate as you want them to be. Your customers will appreciate the extra attention and care you put into finding a quality bag for them. Let us show you some of your favorite dentist bags and why we love them! Continue reading

9 Great Ideas for Dental Bags (and What to Put in Them!)

custom dental bagsLet’s face it. Those dental bags you get at the end of your visit are like the free gift with purchase of a clean mouth. You already know what’s in them (floss, toothbrush, paste), but you still can’t wait to get that dental goodie bag of love.

What if the whole concept of those bags was thrown on its head? Picture it: you’re pulling that paper towel-thing off your chest, eagerly waiting for your free toothpaste, when…what the…OMGeeee! It’s a Lululemon bag, only with smile-infused quotes all over it. But wow, it’s so cool! You’ll totally use that to tote stuff around town. And what’s inside? A water bottle? Cool travel toothbrush cover? This isn’t dental floss…it’s a pocket mirror! Cool!

People love free stuff. And when they get your super-charged goodie bag, they’re gonna tell their friends (who also have teeth). Sound good? Whether your budget is small or large, here are 9 ways to infuse some ‘WOW!’ into your practice. Continue reading