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Store-Flat Thermal Tote: A Great Thermal Bag

thermal bagHaving a thermal bag as your go to grocery bag is a perfect choice to make sure all your ice cream stays cold! No one wants melted ice cream, especially after you just bought it. Thermal bags are great because the lining keeps things cool while not being too bulky.

We wanted to talk to you about a thermal bag that gets the job done right every time. Our Store-Flat Thermal Tote is one of our favorite bags for any job. This tote collapses completely flat when you’re not using it for easy storage. We love keeping these bags in our cars since they barely take up space and it’s super convenient for our grocery trips.

These bags are made from 420D polyester and a PEVA lining on the inside. PEVA is a vinyl material that is made without chlorine. It is seen as a safer alternative to PVC plastic material due to its non-chlorinated material. This lining helps protect your food and keep your cold items cold.

We love taking this bag with us everywhere, not just the grocery store. These bags are perfect for long trips or vacations. If you’re taking a road trip or camping trip, this thermal bag is perfect for holding all your essentials. They’re also great for food delivery or corporate events! You can pack them full of things, then collapse and store this tote away. It has an elastic strap to help keep things flat when you want to store this bag away.

This thermal bag is perfect for all events or projects you have lined up. Its big enough to carry all your groceries, and then will store flat with an elastic strap. We love that it your logo and design can be printed in multiple locations so that it is always displayed open or closed. If you need a thermal bag, then consider the Store-Flat Thermal Tote as your go to option.

Regardless of if you call it a thermal bag or an insulated bag, you must admit that these bags come in handy! Having a bag that can keep the cold trapped inside is great for these hot summer days, or for your regular shopping trips.

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