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Why Are Laminated Bags So Popular?

We here at Bulletin Bag know bags. We LIVE bags. We’re constantly scoping out your laminated bags. More than a dozen years after the launch of our website, they’re STILL some of our top selling bags. Are you toting a bag with a design we haven’t seen? Eye catching color? Where DID you get that bag? Dorky, yes, but oh-so fun (for us)!

The other day, I was out and about. Let’s say I was at Target. Because that’s precisely where I was. A fellow shopper passed by me toting a small red laminated bag. Yep, that’s the one…a Lululemon bag! The thing about this bag, though, is that it was Tired-with-a-capital-T. I would not have been surprised if that bag had fallen apart right there in Aisle A 22. If you’re wondering, I totally would have helped her pick up her stuff.

Which brings me to my point: laminated bags are everywhere. They’re slung over the shoulders of seniors in high school and subway riders standing on queue. College students and tenured professors carry them. ‘Fess up. You’ve probably got some, too. It’s a trend that’s not going away (does that mean it’s no longer a trend?). But why? Why are laminated bags so popular?

I’m pretty sure laminated bags are so darned amazing because they look awesome and multitask Like. A. Boss. People use them to carry everything from books to laundry to laptops to groceries. And they keep getting it done (see Tired red bag story).

Laminated bags come in so many shapes and sizes, and over time I’m sure you’ve seen them all. The most coveted ones have amazing artwork or inspirational sayings, but they’re pretty much all worth keeping! They wear well, wipe clean with a spray cleaner and rag, and generally maintain their shape use after use.

Isn’t it crazy that a shopping bag meant to be a throw-away afterthought in the world of retailing has turned into a sought-after keepsake? The best part of this shift in consumer behavior is that your customers, clients, and employees are WILLINGLY turning their accessories into walking billboards for your brand. Laminated bags have become secondary accessories that can be reused for weeks, if not months, to carry all your stuff from Point A to Point B.

Keep in mind, however, that the more creative the laminated bags you order, the more likely it is to be loved (read: used and abused). After all, it’s an unspoken goal of any bag project that you want people to keep the bag! So, make sure that the laminated bag you choose pairs nicely with your overall branding. If you can’t accomplish this with bag color, get creative with your imprint on a neutral bag.

Full color printing is a great way to make your bag pop—and we offer laminated bags with full color imprints as well as full color and full bleed. If you’re looking to really go big, you can design your laminated bags from the ground up—size, handle color, the whole nine—and print on all bag surfaces.

The minimum quantities for wholesale laminated bags (whether you’re looking for one color or lookalike Lululemon custom bags) vary depending on the print method, but don’t freak out about all the options! It’s OUR job to find the best laminated bags for your situation. Just think…maybe your idea will turn into the next Lululemon craze!

P. S. So why ARE laminated bags so popular? I guess the answer depends on the end user. Tell us why you love yours!

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