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Insulated Food Delivery Bags: New Items for a Growing Industry

Today, food delivery is the new norm, whether it be take-out from your favorite restaurant, groceries, or meal kits. It’s easier than ever to have yummy, fresh, healthy (or not!) food delivered to your doorstep, but how do companies ensure your order stays at temperature while being transported and until you can get it inside? This is where insulated food delivery bags come in.  

If you’re a business that’s in the business of transporting food—whether it be hot take out, cold veggies, or anything in between—you know the importance of keeping those items at the appropriate temperature. Otherwise, your clients will be mad, or sick, or both.

Insulated Food Delivery Bags

Our current clients in the food delivery business challenged us to find insulated grocery bags that close all the way, which keeps the contents not only at the right temp for longer, but also keeps curious critters away. We had one bag previously that satisfied this requirement, but it is VERY large, too large for most applications outside of grocery shopping.

So, as we try to do with all of our requests, Bulletin Bag rose to the challenge. And a few months ago, we added three insulated food delivery bags to our lineup. They zip on all three sides and are sized appropriately for different sizes of take-out containers.

Our Horizontal Thermal Tote has nice features that a food delivery service will appreciate. There are slip pockets on two sides, perfect for menus, invoices, or other pertinent information. A business card window on the lid helps the driver keep track of the bag owners, and the reinforced construction is meant to last!

The Square Zip Insulated Grocery Bag is very similar to our Therm-o-Tote with two noticeable exceptions. It’s a tad smaller all the way around, but it has a square lid that zips on all three sides to create a cube shape when full–adding volume to compensate for the slightly smaller stature. Another bag perfect for take-out containers of yummy goodness!

Finally, we have the 24 Can Thermal Cooler. Don’t let the name deceive you with this bag, though! While it’s the smallest bag of the three, it, too, has a square-zip top. It also has a front zippered pocket ( perfect for menus and silverware!) and adjustable shoulder strap. Since it’s made of durable polyester (the others are polypropylene), it’s a little pricier. However, this adds to the perceived value and can really up your cred if your business is trying to position itself as high-end.

There you have it. Three insulated food delivery bags. Three distinct personalities. Which one matches your business (and your take out containers?) best? Let us know!

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