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Buying Bulk? Folding Reusable Bags A Popular Option

Our clients often come to us not quite sure of what bag they want to put their messaging on. We pride ourselves on truly listening to what matters to you—budget, colors, corporate identity, and more—and make thoughtful recommendations for bags that will work best for YOU.

cg_latitudes_pictureBulletin Bag [.com]’s current trending is pointing largely towards foldable reusable bags. People love the portability and ease of a bag that can be folded up or stuffed into a pouch. If your recipients love the bag, they’ll want to use it—which increases the number of times your message is seen! It’s a win-win-win!

For those statistics lovers out there, custom folding reusable bags appeared four times in our top seven bags of 2012. They were:

Large Nonwoven Folding Reusable Bag      
Drawstring Latitudes Foldaway Shopper
Folding Snap Nonwoven Tote     
PET Folding Carry All

What’s YOUR favorite bag?

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