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Show off Your Brand with A Custom Lululemon Inspired Bag

Custom Lululemon bagAlthough it’s been years since Lululemon launched their famous bags at their stores, these bags are still extremely popular and well-loved. The bag’s style along with its iconic design makes for a high quality, yet usable, bag for so many occasions. We know that there are a lot of different styles of bags to choose from and sorting through all the options can be difficult. So why should you style your bags after the iconic custom Lululemon bags for your next promotional project? Let’s talk about it!

In a world where there are thousands of options for bags, there is something to be said for a recognizable style. After years of Lululemon style bags on the market, they have become extremely well known and are associated with high quality. Not only that, but mimicking that classic style is easier than you might think! The bags we offer are extremely customizable to achieve that eye-catching design we all love. They’re completely made to order, so you can customize the size, colors, design, and even the handle length! You can make this project your own with your favorite tagline, logo, brand name, words, and more.

The all over printing is unique way to stand out from the crowd. Mirroring the well-known Lululemon style is a great way to grab people’s attention! The bags are colorful and eye-catching which makes them perfect for parties, corporate events, or even bags at retail stores (just like the original Lululemon totes!).

Our Custom Nonwoven Tote Bag is the perfect option if you’re looking for a standard Lululemon-inspired bag size for your project. This bag is fully customizable …so you can make it your own! It’s made of nonwoven laminated polypropylene, and it’s sized at 15.5″w x 14″h x 6”d if you want to stay true to the original manifesto tote. If you don’t need all that room in your bag, then another option to check out is our Custom Nonwoven Gift Bag. This bag is made of nonwoven laminated polypropylene as well. It’s a bit smaller with the most popular and can mirror the original, which is 9.5″ w x 12” h x 4 1/2”d. Reach out to us if you have any questions about these bags!Custom lululemon bags

Utilizing promotional products like these custom Lululemon-inspired bags allows for increased brand visibility. That means you can reenforce your brand with existing customers while also spreading the word about your brand to potential customers!

Check out another blog post of ours that explains more about these incredible bags …we bet you’ll learn something new! We have a great team standing by to help you create custom bags to fit your needs and showcase your brand. Reach out with any questions or request a sample today!

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