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Hanging Toiletry Bag: Staff Review

Hanging Toiletry BagDo the road warriors in your organization need a do-it-all bag for travel? Looking for a nice gift for clients? Maybe you’re just in search of a bag to store something specific in? Whichever category you fit into, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our Hanging Toiletry Bag, the focus of this staff review.

Our staff tester said, “I love the size of this bag! As a toiletry bag it will carry everything I need for any trip without being too big, as it can easily fit in a carry-on bag.” 

The practical application is obviously having all your bathroom essentials in one orderly place on any travel adventure. The hanging hook is convenient to have, and the design makes it easy to fold and secure with the zipper closure.

Two words for the interior design: pockets galore! From the expected toothpaste and toothbrush space to Q-tips and dental floss, there is a pocket for everything. There is 1 exterior zippered pocket and 4 interior zippered pockets, 3 of which can keep small amounts of lotions and hair products from getting messy with your other toiletries, should they happen to explode on a plane! There is also an interior mesh pocket that allows for medium-sized tubed or bottled items.

When you’re done loading up the necessities, our staff tester was surprised to find that there was still room for her makeup, as there is a larger central pocket in the bag that provides ample space for make-up or lager items!

Our clients should be aware that the Hanging Toiletry Bag will not easily accommodate bigger electronic items, e.g. hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons (unless they’re mini’s). However, you could easily fit smaller items, like an electric razor.

The tester also had a unique spin on the bag, as she thought it could make a great snack bag, since it’s got lots of pockets that could easily accommodate snacks of different types for easy grab and go day trip outings. Some nuts in one pocket, crackers in another, and a couple of pieces of fruit, throw it in the car and go. Keep everything in one spot to easily grab when you jump out of the car to head out for a hike! Please, don’t combine uses in the same bag though!

And, the interior of the Hanging Toiletry Bag is easy to clean and wipe down. So what are you waiting for? Get organized and go explore!

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