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5 Reasons We Love USA Made Bags

Custom Cotton ToteIf you’ve ever browsed through our site before, then you probably noticed that we have quite a few bags that are USA made! This is something we are very proud of and love to share with others. Don’t get me wrong, we’re proud of all our bags (did you know our team hand picks every single item on our site?) but today we’re going to highlight some of the reasons we love our USA made bags.

1. They support USA jobs

Purchasing bags that are made here in the USA means that you’re supporting American jobs. The last few years have been unpredictable for everyone, creating a desire for a lot of people to purchase more mindfully. As more and more people look to support local communities, USA made bags are a great way to do just that.

2. They help local economies

By supporting American jobs here in the USA, this helps our local economies to grow and thrive. When American businesses are hiring and providing work for our communities, that means people can spend that money! Which then stimulates the economy. It’s a win-win for everyone.

3. They’re more sustainable

USA made bags don’t have to be shipped internationally, which saves on transportation costs and resources. When purchasing bags overseas, this means the bags must be shipped across the world, which requires a lot of resources. USA made bags don’t need to be shipped as far!

4. They’re a great selling point

Many people are looking to support local and will seek out American made products. This is a great selling point for you to highlight about your bags! There’s a large demand for more sustainable and impactful purchases, so choosing these bags is a great way to meet consumer demands.

5. Some are also union made

To make USA made bags even better, a lot of our USA made bags are also union made. We love knowing that these bags come from facilities that prioritize their workers and ensure they have quality working conditions. This is another great selling point you can highlight about these bags!

These are just a few of the many things we love about our USA made bags. They’re high quality, built to last, and they’re a purchase you can feel good about. Check out all our USA made bags here. We’ve got many options to fit your needs and we have a great team standing by to answer all of your questions!

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