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Category Archives: Bulletin Bag Products

5 Reasons We Love Custom Pouches!

custom pouchesIf you’ve spent some time on our site, then you know that we have a wide variety of different bag options, like insulated bags, backpacks, cotton totes, and more. One category that is unique on a lot of different levels? Custom Pouches! Don’t underestimate the branding power that these small pouches can have! They may be small in size, but their reach and influence are every bit as powerful as a bag’s. That leads us to our first point: Continue reading

So Much More Than Bags: Let’s Talk About the Top 3 Custom Apparel Trends!

custom apparelDid you know that Bulletin Bag is only 1 of 3 branches of Bulletin Brands? We have thousands of different products between our sites that will fit almost any occasion. One category of products that is super popular within the promotional products industry: apparel. And Bulletin Basics is the site for that! Over on Bulletin Basics we have everything you need to create custom apparel to showcase your brand or organization perfectly. But you may be wondering what kind of apparel and designs are worth your time and resources. Let’s talk about custom apparel trends of 2022! Continue reading

Our Go-to List of Back to School Essentials!

There’s a lot of opportunities throughout the summer for launching your new promotional products but believe it or not the summer will soon be finishing up! It’s important to think ahead and start planning for future projects to account for processing and shipping time. Although we like to highlight our custom bags here on the blog, we’re bringing to you an all-encompassing list of Back to School essentials that include more than just bags, so you have it all in the one place! The end of the summer is a great time of year to release custom promotional product! These essentials are perfect for more than just the school year too. Bringing your employees back from a remote-work stint? Hiring a new round of staff? These items are perfect for you too! Continue reading

Custom Laminated Bags: Our Top Picks!

Custom Laminated BagsThere are a lot of options out there when it comes to reusable bags. From cotton totes to insulated cooler bags, there’s a lot browse through to find the perfect bag for your project. More often than not, it’s a laminated bag that you see in almost everyone’s cart at the grocery store. When you think of the standard reusable grocery bag, Custom laminated bags are the type of bag you’re probably thinking of. These big tote bags are the ultimate transportation device for any and all purposes. We can all agree these bags are cute and functional, and they’re not limited to one style!

With so many options on the market, how do you choose? It gets overwhelming trying to find the right bag to fit your needs, so we’re here to help make that process easier. Read along as we introduce you to some of our favorite (and best-selling) custom laminated bags and what we use them for.
Continue reading

Let’s Talk Promotional Backpacks!

promotional backpacksSummer is here and it is finally time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine! There are a lot of fun ideas for marketing projects and events during the summertime, and it can be difficult to narrow down on the perfect promotional item for your organization or event. One type of bag that we think is perfect for the upcoming months and is often overlooked: promotional backpacks! These bags are incredibly versatile, they come in a variety of different styles, and they’re sure to showcase your brand perfectly. Continue reading

New Arrivals: Shop Our Newest Bags!

shop new arrivalsHere at Bulletin Bag, we hand select every single item that you see on our site. This means we take the time to research, order samples, personally test the bags, and more to see if it meets our high-quality standards. We are proud to offer you the bags that we do! We constantly stay updated on new product releases in the market, and we’re so excited to highlight some of our new product offerings here! We’ve added over a dozen new products to our site, and we can’t wait for you to check them out. Here are some of our favorites: Continue reading

The Best Reusable Produce Bags

Cotton Produce BagWe know how popular reusable grocery bags are nowadays given the plastic-bag bans and consumers’ trend towards more sustainable habits. These bags are all over the grocery stores and pretty much anywhere you go! So, what about reusable produce bags then? These seem to be less common in the grocery stores. A lot of places still offer single-use plastic produce bags, which are wasteful and hazardous to our health. This is a great opportunity for custom promotional produce bags that people can use to limit their plastic consumption while keeping their produce safe and fresh. Let’s check out what we believe are the best reusable produce bags below! Continue reading

Five Drawstring Backpack Promotions That Create Buzz

drawstring backpackDrawstring backpacks are a promotional products staple, especially this time of year as the weather warms up and more people are getting outside! They’re a classic bag style that seems to be timeless. Maybe it’s because they can be used for so many different occasions.

There are countless ways to incorporate drawstring backpack promotions into your marketing mix—no matter what your organization represents. The imprint area on these bags is large, making it the perfect canvas for all sorts of artwork! Here are five ways to create a buzz and jumpstart your next promotion with drawstring backpacks: Continue reading

Stay Cool at the Pool: Custom Insulated Bags for the Summertime

insulated bagsThe warmer weather is finally here, and summer months are right around the corner! This means lots of hot days spent at the beach, in the park, or enjoying the sun in your own backyard. Don’t be left melting in the sun without a good, insulated bag at your side! We’ve all been there: drinking a warm beer, ice cream melting down our hands, or sticky popsicles all over the place. No thanks! Having quality custom insulated bags for the summer is a must in our book! And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a variety of high-quality bags to keep your favorites cold all summer long! From small personal totes to large full cooler bags, we’re sure to have the one for your project. Continue reading

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Are a Must for Small Business Owners!

small businessAre you a small business owner who is looking for a way to increase your reach without spending crazy amounts of money on ads? From one small business to another, we understand the pickle you’re in. It’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself and get your message in front of the right people. A unique way to do just that is with the help of promotional products. Specifically, custom reusable shopping bags. No matter the industry you’re in, promotional products can help you reach your goals! Continue reading