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How do you refuse a plastic bag at checkout?

Plastic bags are bad. We can’t say it enough. They break down into small, toxic particles that contaminate water and our food chain. They are petroleum-based. 12 million barrels of oil are used to make the 100 billion bags consumed in the US each year. Essentially, we are bleeding the Earth for the 10-minute use of a plastic bag.

flyer-copyweb1We’ve found the best way to leave the grocery store without any plastic is to literally tell the bagger, “I’m trying not to take any plastic or paper today so feel free to load up my reusable bags.”  It also helps if you designate one bag specifically for certain items, hand it to the bagger and say, “You can use this bag for the meat, and I’ll wash it when I get home.”  Specify bags for produce, frozen foods, dairy, etc.

How can you help reduce the use of plastic bags? Carry reusable bags in your car, purse, or pocket and USE THEM. Encourage your local politicians to support legislation taxing or banning plastic bags. Read our blog for ideas on what to do with the surplus of plastic bags already in your possession.

We’ve tried lots of different ways to politely refuse plastic bags at checkout, but they always seem to sneak in!  Being very clear that you don’t want any plastic gets the message across best.

We want to hear from you! What do you say when you’re offered plastic bags at checkout? Are you funny, creative, or direct and to the point? Tell us about it!

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