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Election Year is Here: Political Campaign Giveaways

a1ipThe new year is in full swing and that’s exciting news if you’re part of a political campaign. It also means that there’s less than a year to make sure your campaign gets maximum exposure. Want an easy, cost-effective way to do that? Whether you’re part of a national, state, or local campaign, reusable bags (made in the USA or overseas) are an easy way to give your name high visibility.

Reusable bags are gaining popularity nationwide, both as the environmentally correct choice and because government entities have begun to recognize the financial impact that plastic bags have–and are subsequently imposing taxes, fees, and bans. This means that people are using reusable grocery bags more than ever, and if your message is on the side of it, others will see it as well. People may tie your name to eco-friendly practices and formulate favorable name recognition.

Bulletin Bag [.com] is proud to offer a selection of American made bags that are perfect for political campaign giveaways. Made in the USA bags are a great way to demonstrate your commitment to job creation, and constituents feel good about buying bags made in the USA–and are often willing to pay more to do so.  Looking for union made bags ? Bulletin Bag offers a union made reusable bag as well!

Whatever reusable bag you choose for your campaign giveaways or fundraising, remember that ANY reusable bag is better than plastic bags. Both sides of the aisle can agree with that.

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