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Can’t Choose a Color for Your Custom Bag Project? You Don’t Have To!

custom bagsWe help clients bring their vision to life every day through custom, unique designs for their promotional items. We know how to offer support while you make decisions on logos, colors, imprint location, product choices, and more. In other words, we know what questions to ask and how to steer you in the right direction! We have many clients who have a few different design options that they can’t choose from, or who have multiple colors that they want to print their design in. This can be overwhelming! The good news? You don’t have to choose only one design or one color for your custom bag! Do you have a design that you love, but you want to have a few different bag styles to choose from? We can help you utilize one design in multiple ways by producing multiple bags with different colors! How cool is that? We’ve had clients produce the same design but in different colors, so they offer their audience a few choices to pick from. It’s a great way to make one design go further and utilize your project in lots of ways! Let’s take a look at a recent client who did just this! They created bags with the same design but in different colors, and it was an amazing project! Fairfax Library had a great design and decided to produce that design in a few different colors. Why choose just one?! And this decision really paid off – we can’t choose a favorite! This allowed them to repurpose one design for multiple custom bags that be used for different occasions or events. It expanded their promotional offering through one project. They kept the same design and the same bag, but the different colors really made them pop! Are you having trouble picking one color or color theme for your project? Consider using your design in a few different ways with different colors! Creating a few different bags means an even more personalized and unique offering for your audience. Custom bags don’t have to be boring. Bring yours to life with your personality and branding!

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