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What font choices are there for my text?

Fonts are generally categorized as ‘serif’ or ‘sans serif’. Here’s an explanation & examples of each:

Serifs: Wikepedia defines serifs as semi structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols. Serif fonts are often found in traditional printed materials like books and newspapers. If the ends of the letters are flared, you’re looking at a serif font. Here are some popular serif fonts:

popular serif fonts

Sans Serifs:  Wikepedia describes sans-serif as a typeface that does not have the small projecting features called ‘serifs’ at the end of strokes. The term comes from the French word ‘sans’, meaning ‘without’ so in other words: sans serifs = without serifs.  Sans serif fonts are often used in online, on screen and in many magazines.  Here are some examples of popular sans serif fonts:

popular sans serif fonts

Are these the only fonts available for typesetting?

Definitely not!  We offer over 150 different fonts – and several of them are available in bold or condensed–and in some cases italic or even demi bold.  You can view our entire list of fonts here. If you have additional questions on typesetting and fonts used on your reusable bags, just contact us and we’re happy to help! To help you better understand what fonts are, and why they’re important, be sure to read our blog article: